Who We Are


Kalculations remove all the ambiguities masking tricky subjects with ease, because we have the capacity to unmask the concepts and principles of such intellectually demanding subjects to learners.


We are a team of brains. We are dedicated to resolving and teaching complex subjects, which many students usually struggle with.


We are very thorough, as we are familiar with the syllabuses of all the examining organisations that we teach, including Nigerian and international examinations, and students are better for it.


Kalculations understand the weight of the burden that students bear in trying to learn calculations-structured subjects, and we are available to steer them through the calculations journey of herculean subjects, making the learning experience exciting, easy and cradle-like.


Researches show that tough subjects are actually fun to learn, if simplified. It all depends on the quality of the brains teaching them, and that is where Kalculations step in.