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Kalculations provide simplified tutoring of calculational subjects, which most students struggle with

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Home Tutoring

We pride ourselves in leading a competent team of brains in Nigeria that delivers top notch home-teaching services to all levels of students at the convenience of their homes.

Academic Firm

Our name says it all. We specifically major in providing detailed tutoring of cumbersome subjects to young minds, covering both Nigerian and foreign curricula, thus, bridging the gap between calculations phobia and calculations know-how.

Functional Teaching

We continuously produce a high flying cycle of well-tutored students that stand out and lead their peers. Our ingenious tutors continually raise intellectual-bars, thereby, building strong foundations upon which amazing careers are built.

Simplified Learning

Smart students are the expressive outcome of applying instructively-guided techniques to the learning-regiments of challenging subjects, and we have the mastery of that.

Online Tutoring

We use modern ICT-suites to implement flawless, internet-enabled teaching sessions from our digital classroom to students wherever they are.

Great Support

We offer free advisory services on analytical fright, which most students generally have for mentally rigorous subjects. Our commitment to helping students become bookish is second-to-none. Hence, our tutors are always available for any computational anxieties that they might have.

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