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Billing Plans

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At Kalculations, we are passionate about ensuring that everyone learns hard subjects with ease, and without having financial holes created in their pockets.


For all classes of students from Reception to Advanced levels, we offer our home teaching services to learners in central and adjoining parts of the Mainland for only thirty thousand Nigerian Naira (₦30,000.00) per student, and per month; while those in the extreme parts and/or outskirts of the Mainland are charged thirty-five thousand Nigerian Naira (₦35,000.00) to compensate for associated logistics and bottlenecks. A huge discount of 50% is available for all clients that book for more than one child.


Due to the usual traffic gridlocks that are typically prevalent on the road networks on the Island, students in all classes from Reception to Advanced levels in this part of Lagos are charged our pocket-friendly fee of just thirty-five thousand Nigerian Naira (₦35,000.00) per student; and per month. However, clients with multiple children enjoy our subsidised fees, based on a 50% discount that is provided for those that book for more than one child.

Other Parts of Nigeria

We strive to strike a balance between teaching sessions that are selflessly delivered; in relation with the actual costs, plus worth of rendering such services of epitome excellence. Generally, we ensure that our highly needed tutoring services are provided at give-away fees.

The above billing is based on our standard twice-per-week teaching schedule. However, we are open to increasing the number of class sessions per week for clients that need intensive tutoring. This shall be delivered at additional, but affordable costs; to such clients.

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